Air purification

Air purification

A professional product range

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The professional range of Aeramax air purifiers offers a flexible and powerful solution, allowing you to resolve a large number of air quality issues.

Efficient and cost-effective solution

Whether you’re facing bad smells or the side-effects of excess fine particles or VOCs, the Aeramax range offers a powerful yet economic solution.

Tried and tested technology

Our air recyclers feature technology which has been tried and tested for years.
There’s no doubt: passing air through multiple filters in addition to an ionising step really works.

Purificateurs d'Air - Filtre Charbon/ Filtre HEPA

Efficient and effective

IGIENAIR Group has all the equipment needed (VOC sensors, fine particle sensors, Biotrak technology for real-time detection of airborne micro-organisms) to demonstrate how effective the system is on your site.

A full range

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Thanks to our full range of built-in, wall-mounted or free-standing equipment and the filter options available (pre-filters, activated charcoal and absolute), we can provide solutions for a wide range of applications and environments.
We’ve already equipped a huge number of clients, from crèches, kindergartens and schools to clinics, hospitals, care homes and assisted living facilities, not to mention myriad offices, hotels and restaurants.

Guaranteed to last

With three- and five-year guarantees, plus 36- or 60-month leasing programmes (including initial installation and filter changes on site from our 11 agencies), we ensure that our clients retain total control of their budget.

Air Purification Documentation

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Discover our equipment and technologies related to air purification.

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