Air Duct Cleaning

Air Duct Cleaning

Our activities related to air duct cleaning

Duct cleaning

The quality of the air we breathe has become a major public health issue. Igienair operates from the audit of plans and video surveys of your premises to the disinfection of air duct systems.
Our specialists will create access doors before shutting off the air ducts if necessary and de ducting with automatic brushing.
Igienair can operate in any type of business sectors and on any type of HVAC systems.

Regulatory Controls

Igienair can handle indoor air quality controls to avoid later contamination of future production.
Your direct contact will propose technical solutions to significantly improve the quality of indoor air and solve any problem you may have relatively to your process. Our teams are developping air monitoring instruments that can be installed in your premises to ensure a healthy indoor environment.

Airborn disinfection of surfaces

Airborn disinfection of surfaces is a technical process used to disinfect any room volume and even multiple rooms by creating a fog that spreads in a closed space and settles on all surfaces. The airborn disinfection is also known as “terminal disinfection”.
It is a disinfectant method that can reach all surfaces, including those previously considered to be inaccessible : surfaces out of reach, hidden areas, or even areas which are usually enclosed.

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